Charming Coincidences

Terry behind Nautilus II 1979

My interaction and fondness for sailing on Circe has a coincidental charm. As a young boy in 1977 through about 1982, my dad and I sailed frequently on Nautilus II, Circe’s younger sister also designed by Ben Seaborn. In those years I spent two full summers sailing around Vancouver Island, and numerous adventures through Puget Sound, San Juan Islands, and Strait of Georgia.

Terry and Dieter with Circe, 1998

In 1995 I worked with my brother-in-law, Michael Gifford, at Windworks Sailing Center when Circe entered the Windworks program. I remember seeing Circe in the slip after she arrived, not knowing anything about Circe at that point. We started maintenance work and I said to Michael how similar Circe looked to Nautilus II, like they were designed by the same person. I laugh now, thinking back on my observations then. I think my dad was amused by the coincidences as well, and certainly enjoyed being at the helm of Circe too.

Circe, like Nautilus II, rides low in the water, long and sleek with a relatively narrow beam. Sailing is smooth and beautiful with power even in light wind.

I feel fortunate to have a connection to Circe. Michael became the primary captain of Circe and fulltime caretaker in the years that followed before taking ownership in 2021. One of the benefits is that Michael likes sailing, and I get to join in the fun. I look forward to more adventures aboard Circe in the years to come. You will see Circe stretching her sails on Lake Union and Puget Sound.

Send us your stories and pictures when you see Circe.

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