Circe Turns Ninety and the 2022 Victoria Classic Boat Festival

Great news, Circe will make her return for the 2022 Victoria Classic Boat Festival. Details are in work. Event information is forthcoming from the Classic Boat Festival, hosted by The Maritime Museum of British Columbia. This festival serves as a wonderful birthday celebration for Circe’s ninetieth year.

The current plan has Circe sailing to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, arriving September 1st, 2022, at Victoria’s inner harbour. She will be available for public viewing from September 2nd through 4th and participate in sailing events as part of the festival, then depart for Seattle on September 5th.

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On board will be Circe’s owner, Michael and family, and representatives from Stan Keck’s family.

Michael and Cornelia are busy making repairs and upgrades for Circe to be comfortable for this and other trips over the summer. After various age-related failures of the last few years, her sixty-year-old diesel engine is finally running in top form. Ballast has been added and repositioned for better balance. Down below, new lighting, an improved galley and salon, electric updates, a repaired head, and remodeled staterooms are in work to make Circe more accessible and reliable.

Much of the work is centered around systems, safety, dependability, and comfort. While extensive topside work is underway, it is not as dramatic or obvious. Circe takes considerable effort for upkeep. She will not be entering any judged beauty events this year but will sail proudly in all other ways, alongside the other classic vessels.

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For those interested in other news on the festival, you can follow the Maritime Museum of BC’s Facebook group: Victoria Classic Boat Festival.

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