Compiling an Historical Record

No wind, nice sail

The journey of compiling an accurate and faithful history on a specific ship’s now 90-year history is daunting. Circe herself has logs and binders of articles and photographs. With the digital age, some records previously unknown are now available. Reconciling the history into something coherent, useful, entertaining, and educational will take time. The objective is to provide a continually updated collected archive to stay with Circe for years to come.

Circe's Logs and Archives

Public feedback is great. It always surprises and delights us when Circe is recognized by passers-by under sail, in harbor, or at the dock. It is a regular event. As we begin to reach out for assistance, the public is meeting us with helpful advice and connections. Community engagement will keep Circe and her history alive.

One avenue under consideration is providing people a means to contribute here with their own Circe stories. A contact form is forthcoming, as are other updates.

Steady wind and smooth sailing.

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